Create an outdoor living space

We believe that if you have a terrace or a balcony, you also need an awning. For shade, when the sun shines bright and hot in the sky. As a screen, so not everyone can see what you are doing. For the coziness when it gets cooler and darker in the evening. So around the clock, really. And the awning creates something very special: additional living space with an incomparable atmosphere. Classically mounted on the facade or refined as a freestanding awning in the garden. With a Mediterranean flair like in the south. Even without a beach. Enjoy life outdoors!

Colors & Decors

The choice of fabrics, designs, frame colors as well as equipment variants is almost unlimited. As a result, each awning can be designed individually and then custom made according to your requirements. Our awning fabrics are specially designed for outdoor shading, are water and dirt repellent impregnated. You can get either plain, multistrip or block strips in acrylic or polyester qualities and of course Soltis and screen fabrics.

Technology & types

The spectrum of awning types is bigger today than ever before. No matter whether you are looking for an articulated arm awning with cassette, sleeve or rain cover, a window awning, facade awning, conservatory awning, or a pergola awning, we have what you need. Awnings can be mounted on the facade or the roof projection. Modern aesthetes prefer our highly innovative freestanding Q.bus, which embellishes any modern home and can also be used as an orangery in the garden, as a sandbox roofing or in outdoor dining. As control elements, both the classic crank operation as well as radio-operated electric drives with a variety of control technology are possible.

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