DUETTE® – the original honeycomb!

In function, operation and assembly like a pleated blind – but in a discreet fold without visible punch holes. DUETTE® has a special look and interesting additional advantages.

As privacy, light, noise and sun protection DUETTE® stops solar heat, saves energy and dampens sound in the room. A real all-rounder with a great decorative touch.bThe honeycomb structure of DUETTE® creates an air barrier – a so-called climate zone – which effectively keeps the heat in the room and protects it from further cooling; The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics has already confirmed that the energy loss at the window due to cold can be reduced by up to 46% and thus a heating energy saving of up to 51% can be achieved. As a sun protection solution, DUETTE® protects against aggressive UV radiation during the summer time and helps you to save a lot of energy costs, as e.g. would be caused by running an air conditioning unit. The individual savings potential in summer and winter can be determined easily and quickly via the Duette energy saving calculator.

Learn more about DUETTE® at www.duette.de and be inspired by this product!

Plus X Award for DUETTE® Honeycomb Pleats

Duette® - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929
DUETTE® honeycomb pleats has been awarded the world’s most prestigious innovation prize, the Plus X Award. DUETTE®® honeycomb pleated fabric impressed the jury in five categories: innovation + high quality + design + functionality + ecology. In addition, DUETTE® honeycomb pleated fabric has been distinguished as the “Best Product of the Year 2016/2017” in the Accessories category.

Colors & Decors

The premium quality DUETTE® fabrics never get twisted or become detached – the first fold is like the last and the product creates an aesthetic and even fold appearance.

From transparent to darkening, suitable for damp rooms or flame-retardant, easy-care and washable – combine according to your wishes and choose from a palette of diverse color variations and surfaces your individual DUETTE®!


As a licensee of Cosiflor, we combine perfect technology with the highest premium quality of DUETTE®.

The additional versions of the EOS technology LiteRise® and SmartCord® also ensure that Duette® is a childproof home accessory. The LiteRise system makes it easy to push the sunshade up or down with a gentle movement on the bottom rail – SmartCord® is the child-proof version of the tried and tested line control and thus adapts to individual needs!

Duette® - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Smart Home

Duette® - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Insect screens


Duette® - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929


The special blend

Duette® - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Curtain rails

Simply "hanging up" is so yesterday