All-rounder that unfolds elegantly.

Pleats, pleated blinds or folding blinds – whatever you call the most popular privacy and sun protection, the principle is always the same: A fabric of your choice is pleated into folds that you can compress or stretch through various operating options. From top to bottom, from bottom to top, or both; Not only is that very flexible, it also looks really good. Homely, elegant, modern. Pleated blinds stand for elegant lightness, for a cozy atmosphere. For a refined play with the light. Harmoniously patterned or strikingly colored? Transparent or darkening? It’s up to you. A plethora of colors, designs and coatings give your creativity a lot of freedom. Take advantage of the numerous design options!

Colors & decors

Pleated blinds would not be a decorative home accessory if they didn‘t have such a great number of wonderful design options; and they would not be an all-rounder if they didn‘t exist in different fabric qualities and degrees of transparency. Privacy and sun protection, darkening element or computer workstation? You have the choice and final word.

Our pleated fabrics are predominantly made of high-quality polyester or also of flame-retardant Trevira CS. Coated fabrics meet additional requirements for heat protection and suitability for use at VDU workstations, certain black-out features provide protection against electrical and electromagnetic radiation, and special equipment such as the Perlex coating provides high reflectance and resistance to alkaline cleaning agents.

Our pleated creations evoke again and again a splendid fireworks of colors, enchant with delightful designs and provide a variety of optical as well as haptic experiences through their different surface structures. Available in distinctive plain colors from subtle to intense, vibrant crush and pearl effects, pleats with glossy look for modern rooms with lifestyle character, elegant stripes or delicate floral patterns, taffeta fabrics or satin fabric – they all help create an attractive, creative, and individual interior design.

Technology & types

Pleated blinds are a true all-rounder. They can be fitted to almost any window shape. Vertical tilt and turn windows, skylights, glass roofs in the winter garden and polygonal windows in the area of ​​special shapes.
Operation is done either via cord pull, chain hoist, operating handle or very conveniently via radio remote control (motor). Which pleated blinds type fits your window?

We are a cosiflor® licensee and thus process the market-leading system. The great strength of the 20 mm pleated system lies in the variety of shapes – hexagon, pentagon, slope, semicircular … almost every window shape can be shaded by the Cosiflor system.

Pleated blinds - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Smart Home

Pleated blinds - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Insect screens


Pleated blinds - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929


The special blend

Pleated blinds - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Curtain rails

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