Outside is most effective for indoors

Buildings with large glass surfaces are currently in vogue; open and transparent. Venetian blinds are the filigree alternative to shutters. They protect against heat and regulate the indoor climate. When it comes to avoiding strong heat in rooms, external blinds are the first choice. After all, sunbeams that don’t even reach the window surface can’t cause any heat. External venetian blinds provide the most effective protection from heat. They allow the heat coming from the outside into the interior of the room to be minimized and at the same time optimally regulate the light transmission. Turn the slats as you want to achieve the best privacy, heat, sun and glare protection, also for workstations – and what’s more, it is a highly sought after puristic design element in today’s private interior design. An impressively versatile product indeed!

Colors & Decors

When designing and choosing the color of your blinds, you can choose from a wide range of colors for high-quality, durable surfaces. Guide rails and bottom rails are available in many standard colors and can be made to order in any conceivable RAL color. Panels serve as a design element and effectively protect your external venetian blind from the weather. There are several different standard shapes available in all RAL and eloxal colors. Special forms can also be realized for a creative, eye-catching façade design. You can create a unique look for your facade by using our translucent yet protective perforated slats.

Technology & types

External venetian blinds are made of high-quality aluminum slats. The base material is extremely robust, durable, corrosion resistant, and 100% recyclable. A glossy coating makes it look like new even after many years. Additional quality features are the high color and gloss degree resistance to UV radiation, the high surface hardness, and a remarkably good wind stability. Depending on the requirements, slat widths of 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 mm can be processed. You can choose between flat slats, flanged slats, and Z slats and a version with side guide rails or tensioning cord. The manual operation is just as feasible as the wired or radio-operated electric drive. Diverse automatic controls are additionally available.

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