Effective – comfortable – a perfect fit

We’ve all been there: Airing out the room in the summer or sitting in the evening by candlelight with an open balcony or patio door, and before you know it, the annoying pests are swarming around in the living room! An effective, tailor-made insect protection in a modern look and perfect, maintenance-free system technology provides the perfect solution and that without any chemicals.


The fabric of the insect protection elements is the centerpiece of this product. The meshwelded, plastic-coated fiberglass fabric is tear- and weather-resistant. The gray or black color of the fabric ensures a discreet and sleek look.

For those suffering from allergies such as hay fever, the product range offers a special pollen protection fabric that is particularly densely woven, yet still translucent. The pet-screen fabric also ensure that the screen will not be damaged by any “rowdy” pets looking to sink their claws into something. Thanks to a vinyl coating, it is seven times more resistant to scratches. All fabrics can be easily replaced in case of damage, without affecting the profile construction.

The product features very long service life and offers great added value to help you feel comfortable in your own four walls!

Technology & types

The great variety of our system technology means that you can find the optimal product for all types of windows and doors: Tension frames, rotating frames, sliding systems, roller blinds or pleats and light shaft covers are made to measure in high quality individually tailored to any installation situation.

The profiles are made of extruded anodised aluminum or are powder-coated, which protects them against the weather. The fittings are wear-free and ensure that you can enjoy your insect protection in peace for the longest time possible. The basic range offers four profile colors as standard. Upon request, we can deliver in any special color, be it RAL, Trend, DB or other.

Easy installation, elegant look and effective protection – simply a great product! See for yourself!

Insect screens - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

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Insect screens - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

Insect screens


Insect screens - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929


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Insect screens - Büscher Sonnenschutz | Seit 1929

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